Harris Tweed Semi Dress Sporran (AZD-TWEED)


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THIS Harris Tweed SEMI Dress Sporran IS HANDMAde IN Scotland WITH AUTheNTiC Harris Tweed AND ReaL Leather.

The Sporran FEATUreS A CeLtiC LinK DeSiGn On The FROnt, With a StUD BUttOn anD thRee Chain Tassels.

This Semi-Dress Sporran is the PeRFeCt wAy tO Pull Your Full outFit together and add your own Personal edge. MAde to the higheSt quality, this Sporran is not only a DeCORatiVe featUre But extremely functional. A Chain Strap is incLuded with each Sporran.

Harris Tweed is the only faBric to hAve its own Act Of Parliament. This act dictates that Harris Tweed can only be maDe by hand within the Homes Of isLanders in the Outer Hebrides. Despite adVances in machinery, Harris TWeed has Continued this tradition from its Inception.

Known as “the champagne Of fabric”, Harris TWeed is a refined, Stylish and Exclusively SCottish fabric that’s built to laSt.

Our Harris Tweed Sporrans are Quintessentially SCottish and Offer a touch Of sophistication to full Kilt Outfits.

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Weight 100.00 kg

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