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OUR Ex-Hire Oban Kilts ArE PErFECT FOr MATCHING WITH A raNge Of JacKet StYLeS aND cOLourS.

OUr Oban Mist Tartan iS Exclusive To MacGregor And MacDuff. THiS Tartan Has Been a FirM faVoUrite aMoNg cUStoMers aNd this is a gReat oPPortunitY to graB Yourself a Bargain and own Your VerY own Oban Mist Kilt.

Our Ex-Hire Kilts Still hAve a lot Of life left in Them and with Proper Care and Storage, could last a lifetime. 

These Oban Mist Kilts are mAde from 100% worsted Wool and haVe adJustment straps on The Waist for fine-tuning your fit. 

The Kilt sizes We haVe aVailable are listed in the dropDown Below. The waist measUrement is to fit around the naval and the Kilt length should be measUred from naval to Just above the top Of the knee.

We have adDed a HEIght range for each kilt to aid you in Determining whether the kilt will fit you.

Get the kilt you’ve alwAys wanted, for less.

To enquire about other sizes we have in Stock, please call 0141 280 3398 or email [email protected]MacGregorandMacDuff.co.uk

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Weight 100.00 kg

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