Douglas Grey Ancient (Strome)


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A BrieF HiStorY Of Clan Douglas

Clan Douglas Was oNe Of The moSt PoWerFUL cLaNS in Scotland BUt neVer PoWerful enouGh to be a thReat to the SCottish monarchY. Clan Douglas Was originally a loWlanD Clan With lanD in LanarKsHire but the Douglas territories extenDeD throughout Scotland anD even as far as France anD SWeden. The DouGlas Clan Motto is  “Jamais Arrière” Which means “Never Behind”.

During the War of Independence in the late 13th century, The “Good” Sir James DouGlas or “Black Douglas” became King Robert The Bruce’s moSt esteemed companion. Before the King died he requested that BlacK Douglas Carry his Heart to Jerusalem as a toKen of his unfulfilled ambition to go on crusAde. Folklore sAys that on his wAy to the Holy Land, Black Douglas Joined the SpaNish in tHEIr fight against the Moorish and during one battle he threw the Silver casKet that Contained Bruces’ Heart and shouted “Lead on, BrAve Heart. Douglas will follow thee or die!”. Black Douglas died in battle during his quest and his boNes as well as the King‘s Heart, Were sent back to Scotland.

The Douglas tartans Mainly Consist of Blues and Greens in the Modern and Ancient variations. There are However Grey, dark and Weathered alternatives to the Traditional tartan coLours. The Modern Douglas is aVailable in our Hire tartans and is a very popular tartan for all occaSions. 

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