Clan Crest Semi-Dress Sporran (AP)


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The Clan CRESt Semi-Dress Sporran IS MAdeTOORDeR iN A cHOicE Of LiGHT OR Black Bovine.

The Leather Sporran FEAtUreS CELtic DESiGNS emBoSsed oN The froNt Of The sPOrrAn And Has a Clan crest Badge Positioned in tHe middLe Of the cantle. With oVer 120 Clan Crests to choose from, this sPorran allows YoU to celeBrate YoUr Clan Ties.

This sPorran is aVailaBle in a Chrome or Antique fiNish and has chain Tassels.

SCottish Clan crest Badges are heraldic badges Used bY members Of SCottish clans to show tHEIr allegiance to a specific clan or clan chief. EVen thoUgh tHey are CommonlY used bY clan members, the heraldic crest and motto within the crest badge alwAys Belong to the clan chief – neVer the clan member. Wearing your families’ clan crest shows that you respect tradition and honour your clan’s past.

A Chain Strap will be incLuded with your order.

Please Keep in mind that Clan Crest Items can taKe slightly longer to be delIvered, as tHey are mAde to order.

*CoLour of fur may differ slightly from picture, as mAde from natural products.*

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Weight 100.00 kg

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