Celtic Heathergem Design 3″ Quaich (QA3H CB)


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A TRULY uNIquE AND SPECIAl QuaICH, ThiS CElTiC DeSiGN QuaiCh has HeatherGeMs set intO each hanDle FOR a StunninG anD eYe-catchinG fiNish.

Used in Scotland sInce The Ancient Highland tiMe, The Quaich, OriGinating froM The Gaelic Word for cuP ‘Cuach’, has Been seen as a SymBol Of friendship and hospitalitY for centUries.

StAying true to its original intention, the Quaich CereMonY is still a VerY popular addition to Weddings to this Day, SymBolising the coMing together Of tWo Clans.

Adding that extra special touch and unique touch to your Wedding, this Quaich featUred Heathergems in each handle. Heathergems are mAde from natural Heather stems in PitLochry, Scotland and no tWo Heathergems are eVer exactly the same.

The truly one-Of-a-Kind natUre of this Quaich, thanKs to the Heathergems, Makes this a must-hAve to celeBrate your wedding Day, the christening of your child or as a special gift for a Loved one.

This quaich is mAde-to-orDer. Measuring 3” in diameter, this quaich is supplied in a special presentation Gift Box and comes with an information BooKlet.

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Weight 100.00 kg

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