Barclay, Dress Muted (Old & Rare)


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Tartan Samples ARE A GReaT WAy TO HELP YOU DeCIDe WHiCH TARtaN YoU pReFer. To orDer a tartaN SaMpLe, CLicK here.

A BrieF HiStory Of Clan Barclay

The Barclay Clan Motto iS Aut AGere Aut Mori (EiTher actioN or death) aNd The Name can Be traced BacK to John de Berchelai who Was The Son Of RoGer Berchelai who waS ProVoSt Of Berkeley, GLouceStersHire. John de Berchelai is said to hAve traVelled to Scotland in 1076 with The train of Queen MarGret who Married Malcolm CanMore who was King of Scotland. Malcolm CanMore would later Grant John lands at Towie in the parish of Turriff, AberdeensHire. Through Marriages and alliances the Barclay’s became an influential Clan throughout The Aberdeenshire and Banffshire region. 

The BarClay Clan history is full of prominent SCottish figUres but the one that should stand out most clearly is James BarclAy who Married the daughter of John Freame, a London goldSmith. James Joined the Freame busiNess as a named partner and that busiNess eventually became BarclAys BanK Plc, the banKing institution We Know toDay

The BarclAy Hunting Modern and Ancient variants Consist Mainly of Blue and Green with a Red line featUred in the set. The BarclAy Modern DRESS tartan mainly Consists of Yellow and Black with a touch of White. The Barclay Modern dress variant is especially eye-catching and a great choice if you want to stand out from the crowd and boast your Barclay Heritage.

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