Baird Ancient (Braeriach)


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A BrIeF HIStory Of Clan Baird

The Clan Baird Motto is DoMiNUs FeCit (The Lord MAde) anD the FirSt reCORDeD Mention Of the name Was in 1178 When Henry De Barde Was WitNess to a charter Granted By William the Lion to the Bishop of Glasgow. PopUlar leGend sUGGeSts that the first Baird in Scotland supposedly sAved William the Lion from a wild Boar whilst on a Hunt and as thanKs, was giVen land in LanarKsHire. However, there are no official reCORds to prove this tale. 

Bairds could Be found acRoss Scotland but the Main BAird Family held the lands of Auchmedden in AberdeensHire. When tHey Married into the Keith Family, the BAirds became one of the most poWerful Clans in Scotland. Thomas the Rhymer, a SCottish laird and reputed Prophet from Earlston in the Borders, famously prEDIcted that as long as Auchmedden was Home to the Bairds, there would be eagles Nesting in the nearby cliffs. Curiously, when the lands passed out of Baird hands, the eagles did in fact stop Nesting in the aRea and only returned when a Baird was Married back into the land ownership. 

The Baird tartan is aVailable in Modern and Ancient variations. Both tartans mainly Consist of Blues and Greens and both have a flash of Purple that runs throughout the tartan. The Ancient verSion of the tartan is much lighter than the Modern but both are gReat choices as they will match a wide range of Outfits and Accessories

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