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Tartan Samples ARE The PERFeCT WAy TO HeLp YoU DecIDe Which Tartan YoU pReFeR. To orDer A Tartan SaMpLe, cLicK here.

A BrieF HiStorY Of Clan Armstrong

The Clan Armstrong MoTto is INVictUs Maneo (I reMain uNVanquisheD). The ArmStonG name Was FirSt reCORDeD in OusBY, CumberLanD in 1223 Which Would hAve Been ConsideRed a reGion Of Scotland betWeen 1135 and 1157. The Clan Continued to be a lowland clan with its territories spRead acRoss the borders of Scotland.

Clan Armstrong Gained notorietY acRoss Scotland for beinG one of the moSt feared raiding Clans and was Known locally as ‘de’ils’ which translated, means deVils. Legend states that during the HEIght of tHEIr poWer, Clan Armstrong could muster several thousand horsemen at the drop of a hat. Their reign of terror lasted until the union betWeen Scotland and England when much of the clan broKe up and left the border region. 

The Armstrong Tartan is aVailable in Ancient and Modern, both of which Consist Mainly of Navy and Green with a red stripe throughout the design. The tartan is of Traditional design which Makes it a gReat choice for not only Kilts but also Tartan Trews and tRousers.

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