Armagh, County (Irish County)


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Tartan Samples ARE A GReaT WAy TO HELP YoU DeCIDe WHIcH Tartan YoU PREFEr. To orDer a TarTaN SaMPLE, cLIcK Here.


A BrieF HiStorY Of Irish Tartan

Irish Tartans are a ViBrant anD meaningfUL waY to ceLeBrate Your Heritage

UnliKe SCottish Clan TartanS, Irish TartanS are DeSignated by Family and District. Celebrating The Pride and hiStory Of Ireland, The moSt famous Irish Kilt is Known as the Saffron Kilt, an inStantly recognisable solid block of Yellow/muStard. The solid block of coLour is the accePted rEason why one coLour Kilts are Generally thought of as Irish Kilts. Solid kilts are still worn in Scotland, However, tHey hAve not Been as popular as Traditional tartan kilts, and this is why tHey are More Commonly recognised as Irish.

Not all Irish tartans are designed in this way, and there is a varied Collection of Irish tartans to choose betWeen. These incLude the Irish National tartan, to a stylish range of Irish County tartans that Were designed in 1996. Although a relatively recent cReation, the Irish County tartans are a fantastic way to celebrate your Irish roots. With tartans for every County in Ireland, from Antrim in Northern Ireland to Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland, the Irish County tartans are a unique way to pay tribute to your Family’s ancestral Home

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