Arbuthnot Ancient (Strome)


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Tartan Samples ARE A GReaT WAy TO HeLP YoU DeCIDe wHICh Tartan yoU preFer. To orDer A Tartan SAMpLe, cLIcK here.

A BrieF HiStory Clan Arbuthnott

The Arbuthnott CLaN MoTTo iS LAUS Deo (PraiSe Be to GoD) aNd tHEIr hiStory caN Be traced Back to 1282 when Hugh ArbuthnottS naMe Was preSent in a charter. THey Were a nortHeaStern Clan from the KinCardiNesHire reGion Of Scotland.

The moSt famoUs story in Arbuthnott Clan’s history is one from another Hugh. In 1420, Hugh Arbuthnott was impliCated in the MurDer Of the sheriff of Mearns, John Melville. It’s said that Melville had mAde himself Unpopular with the local lAirds as Well as the Duke Of AlBany, who was regent at the time, so tHey decided to inVite him to a Hunting party. HoweVer, there was no such party, in fact, MelVille had actually Been lUred there to be killed. He was thrown into a cAuldron of boiling Water. The tale mentions that once the lairds had seen Melville off, they each took a sip of what essentially had become, Melville soup. 

The Arbuthnott Tartan design Consists of a Traditional pattern that incLudes Blue, Green and Black with a strip of Yellow that runs through the set. As a Traditional design with traditional coLours, the Arbuthnott is a gReat choice for a kilt as it will match with a wide range of Jackets and Accessories.

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