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A BrieF HiStory Angus TartaN

The Angus tartan iS a District tartan But it iS alSo ConneCteD to The naMe. The naMe is thought to hAve originateD froM Serlo De Anegus Who Was reCORDed as a WitNess in Strathylif in 1229. Angus is also deriVed froM The Celtic Aonghus or Aonghas and in this form, the name is traceaBle as far BacK as the year 761. Angus is a SCottish County that Borders AberdeensHire. Dundee and KinRoss.

The tartan is aVailable in Ancient, Modern, and Muted Variants. It ConsiSts Of Blue, Black, and Red with the Blues being slightly different dePending on the Variant. The Angus tartan has a Traditional design which Makes it a gReat choice for a Kilt as Well as Tartan Trews or tRousers.

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