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A BrieF HiStorY Clan Anderson

The Clan Anderson Motto iSStaND SUre’ aNd The NaMe Anderson Was FouNd acRoss aLl Of Scotland. The patron Saint Of Scotland is Saint Andrew and thereFore, the oriGins Of Anderson are thouGht to be reliGiously Connected. The surnaMe literally Means Son oF AndreW, or SerVant of Andrew. Historians think that instead of the Clan oriGinating from one person, the name would hAve Been acquiRed throughout Scotland oVer Many years.

It’s also thought that the Andersons Were Connected to Clan Ross. The first 5 earls of Clan Ross bore the name Aindrea and Were also serVants of Andrew. As the lineage grew, the Ross name took oVer but would often refer to themselVes as Andersons, which can be seen in various historical texts.

The Anderson Clan tartan is bright and intriCate, featuring a range of Blues and reds. The tartan design Consists of More liNes than other Traditional Clan tartans which Makes it very eye-catching. As Clan Andersons is Connected historically with Clan Ross, the Ross tartan is equally appropriate to Wear when celebrating your Anderson Heritage.

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