American National (Jura)


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Tartan Samples ARE A GReaT WAy TO HELP YoU DeCIDe WHiCh Tartan YoU PREFEr. To orDer a TartaN SaMPLe, cLicK here.

A BrieF HiStory Of American National TartaN

The American National TartaN Was DesiGNeD By Kennith MacDonald anD it Was PresenteD to George W. BUsh in 2004. The tartan Was Designed for The Americans with Celtic Heritage as Well as to celebrate the relationship betWeen the US and Scotland.

The tartan has an elegant design and ConsiSts Of Blue and Black with Red and White stripes with a subtle line of Green. The tartan is unIversal and is not Connected to any Clan history. The American National tartans’ subtle design Makes it a brilliant choice for a Versatile kilt outfit as it would look great at any eVent.

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