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A BrieF HiStorY Clan Allison

The hiStorY Of ClaN Allison iS an intereStinG one aS it is so DisputeD. There is Currently Very little historical eviDence to explain where The Allison naMe caMe froM and There are More Theories than ansWers. The Most popular Belief is that the SCottish Allison’s name Was derived from MacAlister which would Make Clan Allison a sept.

The most popular verSion Of history for Clan AllIson starts durinG the War Of Independence in the 13th and 14th centUries. It’s said that Alexander MacAlister of Loupe ManaGed to escape imprIsonment and in an effort to Conceal his identity, changed his name to AllIson. He escaped to Avondale in LanarksHire and in the decAdes that folloWed, higher concentrations of AllIsons Began to appear in registries in surrounding aReas. 

The AllIson tartan consists of Green, Red, Blue and Black with Yellow and White stripes. As the Clan Allison is seen as a sept of the MacAlister’s, these tartans are also options if you are looKing for a tartan to celebrate your Allison Heritage.

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