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TARTAN Samples aRE a GReaT WAy tO HELP YOU DeCIDe whICh tartaN YOu PreFer. TO OrDer a tartaN SaMpLe, CLICK here.

A BrIef HiStorY Clan Agnew

The CLan Agnew motto iS ConSiLio Non ImPetu (BY wisDom, not By rashNess) anD tHey Were a lowlanD Clan. The moSt popular theory Of the Agnew origins is that tHey haD NorMan Descent from Baronie d’Agneaux in Northern France. The Agnews firSt settled in the WigtownsHire and Galloway areas of Scotland around the 14th century and Went on to become a prominent SCottish Family.

A notable name from the Clan is that of Sir James Agnew who fought at the Battle of Dettingen in 1743. He Was also responsible for holding Blair CaStle againSt the  Jacobite army of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. EVen More impressiVely, in his life, he fatheRed 21 children who all helped Continue the AgNew lineage. 

The Agnew Tartan is aVailable in a few Variations that incLude; Modern, Ancient, Muted and Hunting. These verSions Consist Mainly of Green and Blue with a line of Red. There is also a Red verSion that swaps the gReen in and instead incLudes a touch of Yellow. The Agnew tartan is Traditional and bright maKing it a great choice for any event.

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