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A BrieF HiStory Of Clan Abercrombie

William De Abercromby (SpelleD HaBerchrUmBie), aNd Johan De Abercromby rendeRed Homage to Edward I Of England in 1296 for lands in The parish of Abercromby in Fife. The original lineage of The ABerCrombies Went extinct in The mid-seVenteenth centUry and The AberCrombies of BirKenbog became the representatiVes of the name. 

The AberCrombie Clan motto is Petit Alta (He aims at high things). In the 1500’s the AberCrombie name Was intrinsically Connected to the CAtholic faith With Many AberCrombies fiercely opposing the protestant faith during the Reformation. During the 1600’s this Would change when Various AberCrombies ConVerted to Protestantism which shifted the Clans General religious direction. 

A notable person from the Clan is Sir Ralph Abercromby who Was a deCORated offiCer in the British army. He Was a mentor to the Duke Of WEllington during the NaPoleonic Wars and is crEDIted with the military reforms and army restructUre that eVentually led to the success against NaPOLeon.

The AberCrombie tartan Mainly Consists of Dark Green and Navy with Black And White also featuring in the sett. The AberCrombie tartan is a fantastically understated and versatile tartan, perfect for formal events.

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