Summer but make it fall

ITS THAt tIME Of YeAR AGAIN; tHAt eLUSiVe tiMe BetWeeN suMMeR aND Fall. SOme CaLl it PRe-Fall, sOme call it The Dog Days Of summer, I call it aNNOYinG. My Heart Wants to Wear Fall cloThes, my HeaD sAysNot unless you HAve Full Body DeoDorant, Girl.So I comPromise: I lAyer uP For The tWo temPeratUres I’ll enDUre during The Day: Hot heat outsiDe and fReezing air Conditioning insiDe. SEasonal mullet — fall aBoVe, summer BeloW.

We need to talK aBout this JacKet. It’s the one from Amazon I Was tElling you aBout! It is a GOOD find. I’m tElling you this has “out of Stock” written all oVer it, But right now it’s Still in stocK! You can find it for less than $50 here! It is of good quality, mEDIum weight and this color is the right shAde of oliVe. It seems much More expensive than it is. (I identify myself.)

Find this JacKet here!

Like 10 years ago, I wore a paper bag Waist skirt on the blog and had some nasty comments that I remember and it Kind of sCared me not to Wear this style for a decAde. I don’t remember the exact words, but something about how it doesn’t flatter my figUre or Make me look bigger, blah blah blah. I’ve decided I don’t Really Care becAUSe I Love the paper bag Waistband, even if it looks like I’ve tied a ribbon around an apple. I like the look, I find it comfortable and this skirt is SO cute from Target. (It also comes in Blue!) Now I’ve paiRed it with a Jumpsuit to double Down on the hard-to-Wear styles for this post. But really the Bodysuit works perfectly because it’s a tight fit and I don’t hAve to wOrry about the shirt being tucked in at this waist. The Bodysuit + The Paperbag Waist: Odd pairing, but perhaps meant to be.

Find my $12 Bodysuit here!

AnywAy, I’m at 8 skirt. I find it to be a little tighter at the waist, so size up if you need More room in the waist area. Also, the fabric is super soft, not stiff denim, and hoNestly, that’s what makes this skirt so great. Denim skirts can be very stiff, but this Feels like worn on denim and really brings this skirt to life. Find it here!