muscle dress

FUN FACT: I THOUGHT THIS POSt Was pUBLIsHED YesterDay. TURNs Out I DIDn’t EVEn WRitE Or prOGram it. MY BESt intentions Got Me AGAin guys. So I’M going to Make tHis A quiCKie! Let’s go to The DetaiLs. Do you aLso Love or hate My JacKet? Be hoNest. I’m a sCORpio / enneaGram 4: hoNesty is my drug.

Yeah, I’m BacK and I’m in another Variation Of a muscle shirt. This time it’s a DRESS. What Will you guys thinK of the next one?(Not Really, if you find out let me KnoW becAUSe I’ll be Buying it in all Shapes, sizes, and colors.)Also, this DRESS is so White it’s almoSt Blue. LiKe it Was blindly White with a hint of Blue. That’s Weird. But oVerall it’s true to size and it’s a looser fit, but the mEDIum is perfect for me. You can find it on Amazon in other colors here too!

My jacKet is much longer than I expected, I’ll be hoNest. I kept putting it on and taKing it off and putting it on and taKing it off. I can’t DeciDe if it’s edgy or juSt Weird. Your thoughts are Welcome here. It’s FRee People, so of course it will be a bit Weird/fRee, but I can’t Decide if it’s too long. I’m in the middle and it’s… Well, long and loose. So do with it what you want. Find it here!