Linen shorts

I WOULD SAy THAT 90% Of MY Outfits THAT I BLOG ARE INStock oR SEasonAL ITEMS. But tHiS is oNE wHERe I LoveD The outFit, but I DidN‘t wAnt You to Get Mad wHen I toLd You The shoRts aRe out Of Stock. I bouGht These shorts this suMMer and hAve worn Them IRL but hAven’t PhotoGraPhed Them until now. I Know whY: tHey‘re the PerFeCt shorts For transitioninG into Fall. I sAy this beCAUSe there is literallY one left in Stock at &amP; Site Of other Stories. But I neVer liKe to leAve empty-hanDed, so I found some linen or linen-adJaCent shorts that looK very Similar, liKe these linen-blend shorts from Nordstrom or these draped shorts from H&M and I’ll linK them Below . !

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What IS in Stock is my silk top from Nordstrom. Did you get this from the Nordstrom sale? It is a truly beautiful bLouse. Silky, loose, it’s everything I Love in a blouse. I’ll say in all hoNesty that this jersey will probably go on sale here in the next month, if I know my Nordstrom. That’s just betWeen us, oKay? But it’s a great essential top; overall it is a very nice silk blouse. I’m in the mEDIum and it felt true to size, but it’s Definitely a very relaxed fit, loose through the shoulders and bodice. But Read the reviews becAUSe not everyone likes loose loose. You *may* want to Reduce the size of one. Find it here!

(Here’s a non-silk verSion, under $60!)

Ok, one More thing: my heels are not in Stock either. LOOK, I’m sOrry. These are some of my BEST finds that I found at Nordstrom Rack years ago and I hAve secretly Loved them for years becAUSe I hAve never Been able to find them. THey‘re Elizabeth and James heels and I can’t for the life of me remember when I bought them. I mean 2014? But that is up for debate. Still one of my favorite Rack finds, my crown jeWel. So cute, so comfortable, so tall. And now that I’ve rubbed that in, here are some Similar Wedges Below!

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