Lace top under $30

HAPPY FRIDay FRIENDS! I hAve A VeRY NiCe FiND UnDeR $30 FOr yOU TodAy. ThiS TArGeT TOP iS GiVinG Me Very exPensiVe viBes, is it giving yOU The saMe? Target KnOWs What it’s doing, I assUre yoU. Where Were yoU When I Was in College, huh? CouLd have used soMe heLp.

LiKe I said, this top is froM Target and CouLd WorK for Fall, spring, and summer. (SOrry, Winter, But hoNestLy, it’s up to you.) It actually has a Bit Of a spring Feel to it, But I fixed it By pairing it with my Black Faded Jeans from AgolDe. We go from spring to spooky sEason very quickly. But before I get to The jeans, I’m in The middle Of this top. As you can see it is a little tight in the cheSt but overall true to size. Find it here!

I’m Really trying to branch out into the world Of Skinny jeans here and these are a complete Stretch for me. Like I’m being transported back to 2003 with this flaRed leg. However, the glare is so subtle and I don’t mind it at all. I will sAy that I have to Really think about what shoes to Wear with these becAUSe I personally like heels with a flare. And you? I mean I used to Wear flip flops with my flaRed jeans and the hems Of my jeans would completely rip apart from dragging them. But once again, it could have used some help.

These jeans are from AgolDe, one Of my favorite brands. I alwAys measUre taller when I see 100% cotton, so I’m at 29 here. THey fit me like a gLove, tighter on the hips/Waist. You can find them here!

If you like this flared Style too, but AgolDe isn’t your brand (think Designer Levi’s. The fit is almoSt exactly the same). So I have a few options for you Below!

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Have a great Weekend, friends!