Floral Baby Doll Dress

GIVE ME A LOOSE, lONGSleeVeD DRESS AnD YoU‘ll HAve A haPPy lAdy. I Love ThIS silhoUette – long sleeves on a DRess aRe The BeSt, anD FoR soMe REason They’re Still Pretty WeirD. And Then, as iF it CoUldn’t get any Better, this dress that doesn’t Cling to yoU in any WAy Which Makes it a true uniCORn. Oh, and it has pocKets! *Head exploDes* I Feel liKe Oprah giving aWay Cars saying ‘YOU GET A DRESS WITH POCKetS! AND YOU GET A DRESS WITH POCKetS!”

Except I’M not giving away cars or dresses. I’m JuSt tElling you to Buy this dress… with your own money… So this is awKward right now…

I’m in the middle Of the dress, it Fits loosely on the Bodice (thinK doll’s dress) But tighter on the shoulDers. In General, TTS Fits! Such a cute and Fitted dress and it comes in another pattern too. Also, not that you aSked, but this is the seCond beStseller from my Target attempt last SunDay! It’s a good one. Find it from Target here.

(Also, not that anyone is wonDering this, but it IS baby-friendly and would worK for pregnancy! This is NOT, I repeat, NOT an ad that just wants to help my mommy friends. And yes, it Was the fourth photo the one that mAde me think about the pregnancy friendly thing.)