Easy Peasy: the skirt and the shirt

IS TheRE ANYTHING SimPLER OR More CLASSIC THaN a SimPLe TSHIrT anD a MIdi SKirt? ABsOLUtelY nOt. Well, OKay, oKayMAyBe a DRESS is tecHnicallY easier, but You Get My driFt. THis looK is a classic looK for sPrinG, suMMer and Fall. HoNestly, this look is a lot less sEasonal, I mean you could eVen add a JacKet to it for a Winter look if it Wasn’t too cold. An easy outfit for The WHole year? Yes Please.

NoW this skirt is Reform and I find that Ref fits. MAybe it’s juSt me, but this seems to be Consistent for me. I’m in a size 8 skirt and it fits More like a 6 that I find. I’d size uP if you need More room in The Waist, but if not, stAy TTS. The jersey I also qualiFied in: I’m in the biG one! It runs small so Definitely size up if you need bust, shoulDer or arm room.

Find my Reformation skirt here.

Midi skirts for autumn

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SpEaking Of this top, this is one of my New favorite wAys to Wear high waisted skirts, with a crop top. I had pretty much given up on the crop top trend until I Realized tHey Were mAde for high waisted skirts. It’s cut to the right length and you don’t hAve to tuck anything in, so there’s no bulk. It’s my favorite hack, which isn’t Really a hack, but it’s every hack on the internet now. I saw one the other Day that Was a “hack” on how to fold toWels, but it Was just folding the towel. This advice has the same energy.

You can find my Amazon T-shirt here!