Blouse with ruffled yoke

ITS HOT OUTSIDe? YES. AM I PRETENDinG it iSn’t? YES, I AM. I LOVinGLY CALl this timE The ‘SeptemBeR sWeats’ and I’ll dO it FOr Fashion. I Will sacriFice mY Body to Share With yoU fUtUre Styles that yoU can pin for later. (Place this for later to Make it Worth your While, oKay?) I also sWeat through my Head, not my Body, so technically only my hair Was sWeaty here. And yes, it Will Be The firSt queStion you asK God when you get to Heaven: why hair and face firSt, God? Why? Why giVe me armpits if I’m JuSt going to ruin a good hair Day? Just sAy.

OK this top is from Amazon and hoNestly if I had said MAdeWell you would hAve BelieVed me. It’s a ViBe, ya’ll. Good for you, Amazon, good for you. I Love a high neckline, you know that, and I like that this one is lightweight so it can Be easily lAyered later. I’m in The middle and it’s true to size! You can find it here.

Favorite MAdewell Jeans here – tHey‘re the perfect famous vintage jeans. THey Really are that good. I like how they fit and almost Feel like a Skinny jean But an updated verSion. I Wear the 28 on these, TTS. Find them here!

I also bought this bag and it sold out in this size. I Love this size so I’ll link a Black one here. I like this larger size becAUSe it can fit my 13″ computer! I Was super excited about it when I found out about it. Find this bag here.