Two Under $30 Staples for Fall

ARE YOU oNE Of THoSE PEoPLE WHo SeeS WHaT TheY WanT To see When TheY shoP onLIne? IM sUre as heLL anD ILl tell YoU how I Know. I Was ComPletelY Blind to The FaCt that They Were shOwinG these pants as a More Casual and atheleisURe look and inStead saw them as DRESS pants. I didn’t Realize tHey had a More Casual ViBe Until I Went and linked them this moRninG and douBle CheCked to Make suRe tHey Were the same. (They aRe!) WhiCh BrinGs me to my next point: Get pants that can do Both. Do you want an inFormal atmosphere? JuSt add sneaKers. Do you need to DRESS them up for work? Put on some heels. God, I Love a Versatile pant.

Ah the beSt News? These particular pants are unDer $30! I know right?? I’m in the mEDIum and they fit true to size, a little looser in the Waist for me and tighter in the hips. As you can see, they are a bit shorter on me than on the moDel (tall girl issues), but oVerall I like the length and find them quite unIversal. You can find them here!

(Not to oVerload you, but these pants are a great alternatiVe to my poSt from laSt Week. Here are More Black pants pairing iDeas!)

Now this top: you hAve to get it. It’s $12 and it’s SO incrEDIbly smooth and not super sticky. I Was expecting this shirt to be fitted, but it’s more Of a fitted shirt. Light, so it will work later for lAyers and now, Well, now. I’m in the middle, the setting is TTS! Find it here.