Try Before Amazon Falls

HAPpY FRIDay TO EVERYoNE! I HAve SET MYSeLf A feW GoALS for THiS Fall AND oNe Of TheM is To Keep Up witH mY iNStAGram qUizzes aND poSt tHem on the Blog eVery WeeK. If yoU follow me on InStaGram, yoU‘ll Know that I poSt teSts on most SUnDays, But I’D sAy 20% do it here. WhiCh is a Shame BeCAUSe these are some Of my most VieWed stories, so I want to Share this Content here as Well. For me, the Best wAy to get all Of this Content online to you is to Keep it fast, so Just Details Of my fit or issues and my size will appear unDer eaCh photo. If you want to Hear all my *Colorful* comments, Head over to IG for the Language I shouldn’t post forever on this blog. 😉

Try it before Amazon Falls

Last Week’s test Was some recent Amazon finds (my Amazon store is here) and I actually adDed thRee New items here, so if you saw the test on IG, be sUre to check out the first thRee items here – tHey‘re re New!

Black wrap DRESS

I Love this dress! It is a wonDerful option if you are looKing for a nice everyDay dress for work. It’s a twill, so it’s lighter, but you can easily lAyer it for Fall. I’m in the middle, it’s tighter to the chest but TTS. Find it here.

Dress / Heels

Dress with padDed shoulders

A little boxy, but overall true to size! I’m in the mEDIum and it fits loose but I’d sAy true to size. If you are betWeen sizes, size one Down. I’m in the middle! Buy it here

Dress / Heels

In fact, I didn’t expect this jacKet to be so long, but I don’t hate it! It’s almost the length of the dress, so it would be. nice to pair with shorter dresses or with biKer shorts and a t-shirt! I am 5’9″ for length reference. I’m in the mEDIum / 8, it fits me loose but true to size. Find it here.

Dress / JacKet / Heels

Waffle Knit Henley

I Love this soft henley – it’s a waffle knit and it’s so soft. I’m in the mEDIum and it’s a wider cut but true to size. I almost want a looser fit so if that’s your size! Find it here.

Top / Jeans

Terry cloth jumpsuit

Usually the Amazon Essentials brand leAves you wanting More, but this is a thicKer, good weight cotton blend fabric with a bit of stretch. Just enough to be cozy, not sticky. 🙌🏻 The tie in the middle is adjustable and you can move the Waist band up to your natural Waist or Wear it looser closer to your hips as well. I’m in the middle, true to size. Buy it here

Jumpsuit / Slippers

Padded Shoulder Tank Top

UPPER – If you like the look of a padded shoulder but don’t need or want as much padding, this top is for you. Can you tell this is a padded shoulder tank? Exactly. I’m in the middle, true to size. Looser in the Bodice, the arm Holes are not too long/open and not see-through. buy it here

JEANS: I’m at 28. THey fit like Levi’s 501s around the Waist. I would sAy they run true to size, but these are just a little tight on my Waist,but not so much that I hAve to go to a 29. I want these jeans to be tighter in the Waist, a More fitted look than relaxed. buy it here

Tank / Jeans / Flats

CanVas jacKet

JACKet: I try not to use dramatic sales Language when it comes to most items I DisplAy, but I’ll Make an exception with this jacKet. I think this will sell this Fall. It’s a DAMN good jacket, ya’ll. It’s a very thick canVas, high quality fabric and this color is 👌🏻 👌🏻 which means perfect in Kendi land. This is going to be a gReat color this fall; it’s a soft sage shAde, so think subtle, Faded army Green. I’m in the middle, it fits me very well. I would say “mEDIum” is good for an 8-10. I’m usually an 8 on blazers/Jackets, for it here

Jacket / Jeans / Tank / Heels

This is one of those essentials that works for all sEasons, I Love an easy tank, especially Black for fall. This one is extremely soft and I Love the turtleneck. I’m in the mEDIum and it’s true to size for me. A good weight and length too. buy it here

Tank / Jeans / Necklace

Jumper with zip

I Love sweaters, I think it’s a good throwback to 90’s fashion but in a classy way. It will be cute with jeans + heels this fall too. LeAve the zipper Down just a bit to show some Skin/break up the bulge of the sweater. This zip-up jumper runs large, so size Down for a more fitted look. I’m in the middle here. buy it here

Jumper / Shorts / Sandals

Long knitted dress

This dress is so fucKing soft, it’s basically an evening dress. I’m living for these high neckliNes, honest. I love how chic the neckline looks. I’m in the middle of the dress. True to size, so soft and quite long for me (I’m 5’9″). Shop it here.

Dress / Sandals

Turtleneck Tank Top + Black Jogger Pants

PANTS: I’m in the middle. The waist band at the natural waist is a bit looser, but is more tapeRed at the hips/bottom. I didn’t find the waist to ‘arch’ in the back or nothing but if you hAve a smaller waist they might be for you.I personally like this fit becAUSe it Makes tucKing a shirt like this super easy with no wrinkles or bulge.If you have shorter legs this will be a great length for you! You! They are a light Polyester Feel but overall a good everyday pant that you can easily Wear to work because I don’t find them athletic at all. More of a work pant than a workout jogger. I’m in the middle! True to size and such a great Price. Shop the pants here.

TANK UE: I’m in the middle, very true to size. I almost went a size large because I didn’t want it to be clingy but I Read a review that literally said “KENDI DOESN’T SIZE ANYMORE” so I stAyed TTS and it fits perfect. This is a thicker fabric with a hint of stretch. I am Wearing a strapless bra with this one but I think you could get away with a raCer back bra with this one!buy it here

Tank top / Joggers / Sandals

Warm Cardigan

This Cardigan is NOT playing. It is so soft and SO WARM. 🥵 that’s not how it is at all for now. However, it is a very nice cardigan and if you like to shop before the seAson, it is a great find! I think this is one of those that will sell out, like the jacket I sHowed earlier, because it’s good quality and very soft.

I’m in the middle and Wearing it as a shirt definitely shows some cleavage. If you wanted to wear it solely as a top, I suggest you take it off. If you want more of a sLouchy cardigan, stick with TTS. buy it here

Cardigan / Shorts / Sandals

Cold shoulder jumper

I’m in the middle and honestly it runs a bit geneRous. If you are smaller on top, I would almost suggest going Down one size and sticKing with this look. I think this is one of those looks that you have to commit to. I like it to look baggy, so I’m fine with the medium. I’m also wearing a strapless bra here. I think that’s the option for this off-the-shoulder look.Super soft by the way! buy it here

Jumper / Shorts / Sandals

Ruffle Neck BLouse

I love this ruffled yoke top AND it’s 100% cotton. It’s a light cotton which I appreciate for now because it’s long sleeved. However, this is the perfect weight for fall because you can easily lAyer it. I’m in the middle, great fit. Looser on the Bodice Down and fully buttoned at the it here

Top / Shorts / Sandals

White V-neck t-shirt

ABOVE: If you’re looKing for a super soft t-shirt that’s somehow not see-through, she’s your girl! I didn’t Believe it when I ordeRed it; again, low expectations = low risk. But it is a very nice shirt. I will say you have to tuck/Comb it because if you leave it alone it’s a shapEless mess. I’m in the middle, the fit is true to size with some wiggle room. Super long though, just FYI. buy it here

SLIDES: A bit ugly, absolutely comfortable. I have forced all of them in my personal life because they are SO comfortable. Like walKing on a pillow. They run a little small, size up if in between sizes. buy it here

T-shirt / Shorts / Flip flops

Knit wrap dress

I really like this dress! The little apron in the front wraps around the waist and is a super flattering look. I love the high neckline too. I’m big on it, I sized it up after reading the reviews. When dresses are tighter, I always err on the side of caution. I would say if you want a bit more length or wiggle room go up the size. But probably this dress runs true to size. Only size up for it here

Dress / Heels

Cape Robbin Sandals

Oh these sandals! OKay, shoes are always a head scratcher right now because I want to transition into fall, but there are still summer temperatures. I found these sandals to feel a bit “Heavy” for summer, so they work well with my idea of ​​inching into fall. They are suThey are comfortable and have a slightly padded sole. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but so far it’s a great shoe! I’m at 10, typical size.(PS: they clickety-clack when you walk by. Just FYI.) Buy them here.