Shirt to Jacket

TheRE WILL BE Fall VIBES ONLY AROUND HERe FROM NOw oN.IM aBoUT SuMMeR. I am CaLlING iTITS fall now and I won’T TaKe anY queStionS. I’m lAyerinG like tomOrrow won’t Be 90º. Double uP on The DeoDorant, mY friendS: It’s lAyerinG sEason.

(I’ll draw The line on Boots. It’s too earlY for Boots. I HAve some Standards.)

Let’s Start witH liGHt lAyers, sHall We? How about a Cute, lightWeight shirt JaCKet? It took me a full year to underStand how The shirt JaCKet works for me. I finally figUred it out: it’s all in the fabric. For me, a silky, drapey fabric is better rather than a thicKer or Stiffer plaid. I need a bit Of moVement and this gives exactly the right vibe. (You can also find it in More sizes in Black!)

I’m in the middle. It runs large, but I like the mEDIum for myself. Find this top here.

I’d sAy the BR Factory runs pretty true to size, Similar to the J.Crew size for reference. In fact, We have to talk about the Banana Republic Factory. I literally reDiscoVered it and it’s Kind Of a hidden gem. People are sleeping on them, TBH. Seriously, look and tell me you don’t have at least 3 things in your Cart in 8 minutes.It’s a vibe.

What do we think Of shirt Jackets/Jackets? I personally Love them but it takes a minute to find the right one in my experience. What are your thoughts?