September capsule wardrobe

ABOUT A MONTH AGo I HAD The IDea To PuT ToGEthER monthLY CaPSuLES WIth SomE Of mY FaVoRitE items of the month, no Rules, no limits, JuSt a feW faVorites anD then Make lots of sets out of them. I Love finDinG posts liKe this anD I KnoW You Do too. I formallY decided to do monthlY capsules last WeeK, I eVen put it on my schedule. And then I Realized that September is cominG up hot and if I Was Going to do this, I had to do it… NOW.I eat right now.(Sign up now for my tutorials on how to be a profesSional procrastinator. AVailable next month.)

I didn’t want to cReate any hard and fast rules, so I Just mAde a list of some of my faVorite things of late and Went from there. It turned out to be about 15 pieces of clothing and shoes (plus 3 Bags) and I got about 32 different Outfits for this post. This number can change from month to month, but We hope this capsule and futUre posts can help you plan your Outfits for the month and Fall. I’m a little late this month —see previous paragraph— but I plan to put one together for the first of every month so it can be a guide to getting DRESSed for the next 30 Days. Let me know what you think Below!

Luckily, I tend to think of things (and, in turn,Buy things) in terms of color, so this capsule was put together very easily becAUSe everything I hAve now complements very well. . As you can see, I Really like this sage Green/light army Green shAde for Fall, and it all works Really well with my other neutrals. A little touch of Green goes a long wAy, as you’ll see.

Here are the items I picked for this month’s capsule.

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I’ve linked everything in the sidebar so you can find everything there.

So let’s get to the outfits!

15 Pieces / 32 Sets


Some favorites

I started picKing favorites and then I realized that I have a lot of favorites. Just goes to show you that if you like the pieces you have, creating outfits can be easy! But just for the sake of my favorites, here are my top 10:

I love how easy this outfit is, yet how complete and put together it Feels with the jacKet.

Take a Simple t-shirt, your favorite sneaKers, and mix them with a chic skirt for an everyDay look.

Need a little More coverage? LAyer a cap-sleeve T-shirt under a slip DRESS for a Casual alternative!

An oversized jersey and biKer shorts is my go-to for the weekend. Cover it up with a jacKet for cooler dAys.

When you need to look good but just want to Wear jeans and a t-shirt. 😉

You can never go wrong with a jeans + camisole Combo and adding this utility jacket adds structUre to this look.

Wearing a Cardigan as a top is my go-to for Fall and winter and pairing it with this silky skirt is perfect for the office.

I love the simpliCity Of this outfit and adding the cRossbODY gives it a More informal touch. This look could also work with sneaKers!

BiKer shorts are my go-to for an easy casual look between sEasons. Isn’t it cold enough to Wear full leggings? Try the cycling shorts!

There’s nothing like a bow on an oversized bLouse that adds a wHole New touch to an outfit.

In case you Were wondering what the sweater + skirt looked like from the back. 😉 Reversing a Cardigan with a low-cut DRESS works perfectly.


What is your favorite look? Let me know below in the comments!