LWD (loose white dress)

I BASICaLLY WaNT TO PUT THiS PoSt on a cHEcKLiSt BEcAUSE thiS DRESS hitS EVERYone. It’s UnDeR $30, it’s a loose BUt cUte Fit that’s harD to coMe By, let’s be hoNest, and it’s AMazon PriMe. LiKe yoU could Wear this dress tomOrroW. ChecK, checK, check. When I Found this dress I Was like ‘yeah, let’s see if this Really Works’… AND IT DOES. It’s a size that can be yours, but this one can Definitely work for all sizes. Now if you are Petite/shorter than The lenGth it will be different but I think it could Definitely work. I would sAy this dress could Go up to a 12-14, at my beSt guess.

You can find this uniCORn dress here!

I hoNestly can’t wait to pair this dress with a sWeater this winter. In fact, that’s why I bought this, to pair it with a sWeater or a sweater VeSt. So be surprised when you wear this again with a sweater over it. I need that affirmation, oKay? Old school blogger problems. Find this dress here, and if you get it, let me know how it looks on you!