A piece of sportswear I’m obsessed with this season

IF YOURE THINKing IM GoINg to SAy It’S The SKORT, YoU WouLD BE 100% COrreCt. I’M 100% HEre For The culottes tHis sEason. Where Does this treND coMe From? (BesiDes The tEnnis courts, Of course). I hAve No iDeA, but she’s here, uNinViteD but fullY cloThed, and she’s NOT leaVing, oKay?

So Why do I Love this trend? A) I loVe Feeling liKe an athlete and yoga Pants don’t fit anyMore, Plus baseball Jerseys looK drab on me. B) I loVe a good trend but it’s comfort for me. EsPecially this Pair from Zella, Which you see under this sKirt is actually a buttery smooth Pair Of biKer leggings that under no circumStances hug your thighs too tight. THey are comfortable, Stretchy and did I mention comfortable? Also, I loVe Wearing sportsWear that could also worK as an outfit.

I picked up this skirt from NordStrom’s in-house Zella line. One Of my favorites to Buy as it’s high quality, laSts forever and the fit is Consistent so I alwAys know I can buy online and Wear it as soon as I get it! Plus, Nordstrom has fRee returns, so it’s easy to find your perfect size. (For reference, I’m alwAys alwAys a mEDIum on Zella! It’s one Of the most consistent brands for me.) Specifically, although I love this Blue color, it feels like an autumnal Blue if there is such a thing. Of course, if color isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options here, including Black. My other option, as you Well know.

Find the skort for less than $60 here!

(Also, this skirt fits much better than any skort I’ve tried. The legs aren’t constricted or too tight and that’s Really nice and it’s not as hot as Wearing it all Day.)

I found this super soft ribbed tank top to match so of course I wanted to pair it with this skirt. I can’t sAy it’s an original thought becAUSe the model is literally wearing this outfit. So thank YOU Nordstrom for doing my job for me. 😉 I’m in the middle of the tank, the setting is TTS! Find this tank for less than $40 here.

The second thing I’m obsessed with? The hoodie. It’s about to be szn hoodie and I for one can’t wait. This is also Zella, and it has a very good weight and quality for Fall/winter. It’s not too hot, which is good for us in the south. You can find it here! (It’s ruMored to be one of tHEIr best sellers and I can see why.)

What do you think of the culottes? love him or leAve him?

*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this publication! And thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. <3