A new a delivery service was founded by two people from the Portland area, and it’s not food-based.

It is really not yet legal to sell recreational marijuana in Maine, but it’s legal to give it away, and that’s how Logan Martyn-Fisher and Ashley Small are developing their business.

Elevation 207’s Facebook page clearly says in several different areas that the pot they’re delivering is a gift and that it is free, and any costs are for the delivery fees. Those prices range from $75 dollars to $250 depending on the quantity of cannabis being delivered.

Martyn-Fisher says they began delivery service of recreational marijuana in February, and since then, business is booming.

“There’s no way for people to get it the recreational way, so they come to us,” says Small.

They say the majority of their customers are new to the marijuana world and who are more advanced in age. They want to experience it, however don’t have idea as to how to get it.

According to Martry-Fisher and Small, they haven’t experiences any pushback from the authorities as of now.

“I think any way that we handle it it’s kind of going to be in a gray area,” says Small. “We’re doing it as right as possible.”

Christopher McCabe, who practices in the fields of medical marijuana and business law, says there are plenty of gray areas as far as the law is concerned, but if this business model were to be put to the test in court, Martyn-Fisher and Small could come across some problems.

McCabe says it’s like giving away a zip-lock bag full of weed and charging $40 for the bag. The court may decide that it isn’t reasonable market price for a plastic bag. However, to McCabe’s knowledge, the theory hasn’t been tested yet in any courts here in Maine